Commercial and film director -graduated from CalArts (California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles).

His award winning short film BAMBOLEHO won over 45 international prizes, including best short at the Tribeca film festival 2002, New York.

Prieto has directed 4 feature films: PUSHER produced by Vertigo Films and Embargo Films; and distributed By Vertigo FIlms (UK) and The Weinstein Co. (US). The italian box office blockbuster HO VOGLIA DI TE -15 million Euro gross- distributed by Warner Bros Pictures. MENO MALE CHE CI SEI released by Universal Pictures and produced by Focus Pictures & Cattleya. And CONDON EXPRESS. He has also directed for the Italian TV RAI  IL SIGNORE DELLA TRUFFA.


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Luis was born in Madrid, Spain. He studied economics and photography in Spain and film at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Los Angeles from which he graduated in 1994 with honors.

From 1994 Luis lived and worked in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and in the UK as an editor and as a video artist for musicians such as Peter Gabriel.

In 2001, Luis moved to Barcelona where he directed BAMBOLEHO. The short film is inspired by Italo Calvino’s “The Baron in the Trees” and features homeless children living on the rooftops of Barcelona. “Bamboleho” took the festival circuit by storm and won over 45 international awards, including a Special Jury Mention at the 2001 Venice Film Festival, Best Short Film at the first edition of Robert De Niro´s Tribeca Film Festival, Best Short Film at the Worldwide Short Film Festival and a nomination at the 2002 Spanish Goya Awards.

Luis’ other short film MARIPOSAS DE FUEGO (Fire Butterflies), shot in Morroco and in Spain, brings together two lost souls: Julia, played by Marta Etura (Cell 211), victim of domestic violence, and Said, played by Said El Moudem (No Rest for the Wicked), an illegal immigrant from North Africa.

Luis next directed the Italian teen romance HO VOGLIA DI TE (I Want You), produced by Cattleya and released by Warner Bros. The film stars Riccardo Scamarcio (Romanzo Criminale, My Brother is an only Child) as a macho type who becomes entangled with an independent-minded girl, played by Laura Chiatti (The Family Friend, Somewhere).

“Ho voglia di te” had the best opening ever for an Italian picture and went on to gross over $19 million at the box-office. The film became a phenomenon which turned political when local governments in Rome and Florence had to ban the fastening of love locks - featured in the film - to public monuments.

Luis' next film MENO MALE CHE CI SEI, a co-production between Cattleya (Italy) and Focus Features (UK), was released by Universal Pictures. The sentimental comedy centres around a teen's friendship with her late father's former mistress and stars Claudia Gerini (The Passion of the Christ, Don't Move) and Stefania Sandrelli (The Conformist, Jamon Jamon).

In 2011, Luis directed IL SIGNORE DELLA TRUFFA, a two-part film for RAI. The film stars Italy's legendary comedian Gigi Proietti who plays a retired con artist who has to get back to his crooked ways to help his hapless neighbours. The two-parts broadcasted on RAI1 gathered a total of 10.3 million viewers.

Luis’ latest film PUSHER is the English language remake of Nicolas Winding Refn’s classic. It stars Richard Coyle (5 Days of War, Prince of Persia) and Agyness Deyn (Clash of the Titans) and is executive produced by Nicolas Winding Refn.